Wednesday, October 25, 2006

cliff's notes (notes from the cliff?)

since i last posted, i. . .

barely escaped the gunshine state. met rappers named fidel cashflow and hustle simmons. met diddy. signed autograph for diddy. went to nasa and got selected to go to the (simulated) moon for a study. was devastated when study got cancelled. picnicked with too $hort. visited a chocolate factory three times (if tonite counts). took a chocolate class. referenced ecstasy and sizzurp at a big-shot public affairs forum. planned a vicious battle rap. did my first public reading of country fried soul. picked up dollar bills thrown at me on stage.

and throughout it all, i've been dreaming of what i'd like to post here if i could just find the proper time. at the very least, i hope to elaborate on some of this soon.


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