Thursday, May 11, 2006

dead letter office

Sometimes I feel like my resume is littered with the bodies of so many dead publications.*

A lot of them deserved to die -- especially the ones that had trouble paying their writers -- but plenty of solid ideas and strong teams haven't been enough to save some of the good ones from sad and or/dramatic demises.

I just stumbled across Magazine Deathpool's Museum of Dead Magazines and got nostalgic.

People who don't work in this industry are often surprised that I have no interest in starting my own magazine. In the future, I will refer them to this site as part of my explanation why.

I have gotten behind the causes of plenty of independent publications and I actually still find that a worthwhile and exciting venture, but ain't no way in hell I'd want to put it all on the line when there's only a grim chance of survival. Lately it's been a reality that magazines have had to take a backseat in my freelance life in order to work with publications and other clients that have quicker editorial and pay turnarounds. But that will hopefully change some day . . .

Magazine Deathpool, which is headed by "The Reaper," is pretty funny, taking regular wagers on which mags will survive and which will perish.

*My personal graveyard of publications I contributed to includes: The Face, Muzik, Bikini, Raygun, Huh?, 7, Option, UHF, Detour, Blah Blah Blah, Project X, Underground News, DMA, Lotus, Hypno, and more that escape me at this point in time. . . R.I.P., some of y'all. . .


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