Monday, March 27, 2006

a motor city party don't stop

[from Motown's Studio A: Stevie wuz 'ere!]

Congratulations to Paxahau, who have been awarded the contract by the City of Detroit to host this year's installment of Movement: Detroit's Electronic Music Festival. It's a big responsibility that couldn't be in better hands.

If I ever have a spare lifetime, I want to be one of the ones who chronicles the storied history of this party. I've done my part to contribute to the narrative for the four years that I was able to go and connect with my techno soul brethren. The festival has provided me with some incredible moments. But it's the Underground Resistance family that have moved me beyond words.

I'm not going to be able to go, and will probably have to have a Detroit-themed pity party at my house (like we did last year), but that doesn't mean I won't be making regular visits to Techno Tourist and attempting to get a contact high off of their virtual excitement.

There's a site called D-I-R-T-Y that streams DJ mixes. I'd recommend listening to sets by the following DJs to get an idea of why I keep going back for more whenever I can: Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Recloose, Suburban Knight, Theo Parrish, DJ Assault, Titonton Duvante.

D-I-R-T-Y has mixes from some of my favorite electronic artists of all time, so I'll probably be hanging out over there for a while.


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