Sunday, February 26, 2006

love aftermath (read previous entry 'love from san quentin' first)

[I already see an inaccuracy about the story because this happened after 2 p.m. rather than 1. . .AP Wire would later report that the gen pop lockdown involves more than 1800 inmates and will last through tomorrow, when they'll start interviewing people to try to figure out what happened. I won't be shocked if they don't figure it out. . . ]

One Prisoner Injured During Third San Quentin Riot In Recent Months
Source: KCBS
Publication date: 2006-02-26

(KCBS) - A racially-motivated riot between Hispanic and African American inmates broke out at San Quentin during a cultural event marking the end of Black History Month.

The riot around 1 p.m. Saturday--the third riot in recent months between black and Hispanic inmates--involved about 40 prisoners in an exercise yard. The violence broke out as the prison hosted entertainers and motivational speakers to celebrate the conclusion of Black History Month.

Prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon described it as a "planned assault" and said one inmate received injuries that required outside treatment. Prison officials recovered four inmate-manufactured stabbing weapons, he said.

Some 300 Hispanic inmates were placed on lock down.

Earlier this month, sixteen inmates were injured in another racially-motivated riot where prisoners used weapons made from razors, pens and bed springs.

The rioters were believed to be Latinos affiliated with the "NorteƱos" gang and a rival group of black prisoners.


Anonymous mjb said...

I have a friend who sometimes begins incredulous reactions with the phrase "shit jesus!" Before you got to the part about the riot, I was saying those very words in reaction to this quote: My change is for the better, even though I'm still no journalist. (Shyeah.)

But shit jesus, T., I'm glad you're all right and missed out on the 'scrap'. Thank you for posting about your trip. It sounds like quite an experience! You're fortunate to have the opportunities you do, and it's great to read about them and do a little bit of vicarious living. :)

Take care, and keep in touch (one way or another)
- Mike

1:36 AM  
Blogger teemoney said...

Thanks, Mike. . .yeah, it was definitely a big difference from many evenings spent on the couch!!

And I've been living vicariously through the fun things that have developed in your life in the last year or so!

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately what occurred at SQ is something that is also going on in LA county jails, with Black and Hispanic gangs fighting and the end result being loss of life.. Divide and conquer in its most classic form. Youre trip sounded interesting.. Made me think back about when I went to visit a friend in Corcoran, and later Folsom. Definitely a weird aura that surrounds the prison, especially when you enter.. Thanks for the insight.. interesting blog. peace.

6:37 PM  

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