Saturday, October 08, 2005

two thumbs up and a point (or two) down!

While I'm on the Dirty South topic (as I will often be, no doubt!), here's a lil taste of what the press is saying about my book Country Fried Soul. (If you saw my sales figures, you'd shamelessly plug, too, so please indulge me and don't be too angry. . .)

"Palmer defines 'crunk' with the multivalence an Eskimo might reserve for describing snow" -- The Wire (UK)

"Like buttery hot corn bread, Palmer is straight up, with a little sauce on the side" -- King

"Lively and enthusiastic introduction to the scene" -- Record Collector (UK)

"All the artist profiles and background info you could possibly ask for" -- International DJ (UK)

"Comprehensive guide" -- Black Beat

"Great interviews" -- Fader

"Essential reading" -- Peace (Canada)

"Un must" -- Radikal (France)

. . . And my favorites:

"Retarded" -- Elemental [actually, they said some nice stuff, but this is the best]

"Weak" -- Q (UK)


Blogger Doxx said...

Blog is already lookin' nice Tamara. Thanks for the link too. I'll be buying the book as well. Gotta support each other.


11:52 PM  

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