Sunday, October 09, 2005

they came down from the heavens for this one

I had a really fun DJ gig here in San Francisco last night at the monthly party Triple Power. It was a pre-party for the annual post-Burning Man comedown known as Decompression, and admission was only two bucks for "freaks dressed in their playa best," so the crowd was colorful and friendly. I mainly stuck with funk and breaks -- largely owing to the bootleg house version of Ludacris' and Nate Dogg's "Area Codes" going down like a lead balloon.

Among the esteemed guests . . .

Jesus and the flock!

(photo by Gianmaria Clerici)

My friend couldn't resist engaging J-Dog in conversation -- he was sippin' on a Pale Ale and she asked him if he ever thought about doing some product placement. He kindly explained that he had all the money he could ever need thanks to his dotcom job ("Google is God," he told her).


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