Sunday, October 09, 2005


The *other* Ying-Yang Twins:

"We actually have an incredibly similar vision in everything and ultimately I think this is what bonds us. Sometimes we are positively clairvoyant -- we'll always like the same images and sounds -- but not always the same trousers. Although I think he envies me in certain ways. I also really envy many attributes to his character that he has! We are both very intuitive and always make decisions based on whether something feels right. This quite often drives everyone else mad but both Brian [Dougans] and myself never differ. Music, people, business -- we fly on intuition. It's indefinable really! We are both also totally honest and I think in both our separate ways teach each other a lot. I move very quickly from idea to intangible idea but Brian nurtures and supports and is far more thrusting in technological innovation, whereas I'll struggle with content and communication endlessly. However once shown a technological trick I quite often will wrestle unlimited content from it. Yin and Yang, baby! Yin and Yang -- that's what we are."

-- Gaz Cobain of Future Sound of London (outtake from interview for Billboard, 2002)


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